About KMN

Kids Ministry Network has a few simple goals:

  • Connect Europe’s children’s ministry workers and pastors.
  • Share problems  and find solutions found in every children’s ministry.
  • Share ideas across every culture, European country and language.
  • Link by a common denominator, children, without regard to denominational barriers. If you believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, you belong here.
  • Create open communication or connecting points between children’s ministry workers by city, country, region and continent.
  • Provide free training for children’s workers in Europe.
  • Provide curriculum based on the basic Tenant of Faith.
  • Find, motivate, and develop people in your church to volunteer a small part of their time to their local children’s church ministry.
  • Finally and most importantly, help provide the best possible environment at the local church level to help children of all ages and background develop a close, personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

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