How To Connect

The first step is to create a database which we can build, information, resources and skills to share with other children’s ministry workers.

Then click the “Contact” page and send me some basic information:

  • Your contact info, including email address and Skype name.
  • Your ministry or involvement in children’s ministry.
  • What needs do you have right now in children’s ministry, Sunday School or Children’s Church?
  • Are willing to share your skills and talents with other children’s workers?
  • Do you have Sunday School curriculum that you are able to share?
  • Would you be willing to train other children’s workers near you?
  • What languages to you speak?
  • What is your mother tongue?
  • Do you know other children’s workers that might be interested in connecting with the Kids Ministry Network?
  • Finally and most important, how can Kids Ministry Network help you?

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