How You Can Join?

If you have an interest in connecting with other children’s workers and pastors across Europe. Let me know a little about your ministry:

  • Where you currently live and minister.
  • Are you multilingual? What is your mother tongue?
  • Are you an International church with additional church services in different languages and cultures at your church?
  • Do you have any special needs for your children or ministry right now?
  • What do the children do in your church now during various church services in the week?
  • Are you currently using an existing curriculum? Do you need children’s curriculum?
  • Are you creating your own children’s curriculum for Sunday School or Children’s Church?
  • How can the Kids Ministry Network help you?
  • Would you like to help other children’s workers in your region or Europe?

Simply contact me by email. Your contact info that will be kept private.


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