…and it begins.

1 Dec

Networking European Children’s Workers For Solutions

Many churches throughout Europe need help and training for their children’s ministry.

All churches seem to need additional volunteers, materials and curriculum specifically for children’s ministry. In some churches there was no actual teaching for children, only a baby sitting service until the adult service was finished.

Senior pastors have the opportunity to network with each other at various conferences or meetings to help them grow and develop.

Children’s workers rarely have this opportunity.

Currently there are many skilled children’s ministry people who are more than willing to share solutions and help others but no way to connect to them.

Kids Ministry Network wants to become that “Connecting Point”.

People working with children want to help children develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Savior. They also want to teach children biblical principles. But may have limited training.

In some cases there is no curriculum developed specifically for their culture or language. In some churches there is no curriculum of any kind being used to teach the children.

Children have the potential to learn Biblical principles very early and the Holy Spirit will take the opportunity to help us minister to the children.

Together we can make the changes possible for all children to be taught God’s Word, no matter what culture, country or language.

The Potential

Our children have the capacity to learn basic and advanced Biblical principles at all ages. We need to take advantage of this potential while we have the opportunity.

The Vision

We have children’s workers with incredible skills that are more than willing to help train others to increase their skills but until now, there has not been a connecting point for this to happen in the area of children’s ministry. This is the vision and goal of the Kids Ministry Network.

I invite you to connect with KMN to help strengthen our children in Biblical principles and a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father.


Rev. Lawrence Blakeslee


One Response to “…and it begins.”

  1. Jens Schenk Monday, 29 October 2012 at 20:57 #

    Dear Reverend Blakeslee,

    I cannot find your email adress – could you send me a short notice so I´ll be able to give you some information about our ministry?

    Kind regards, Jens

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